What We Do

Green energy

Green Energy
  - We are currently in development of Biomass Pyrolysis systems that process biomass from agricultural residues, wood wastes and other materials.  New crops do not have to be grown to produce heat, electricity and biochar from this process. Instead, we can utilize everything from municipal tree trimmings to wood processing wastes and agricultural residues  More info on Biomass Pyrolysis »

carbon sequestration

Carbon SequestrationWhen trees and other crops are growing, they take in carbon dioxide and hold it in their biomass. Unfortunately, when they die or are made into wood products or mulch, much of the carbon they captured is released back to the atmosphere. With Biomass Pyrolysis, up to 50% of the carbon that has been captured from plants and crops can now be put back into the earth in the form of biochar (biomass charcoal).  Because this carbon is so stable (a half life of up to 1000 years), we now have a pathway for a more permanent carbon storage. More about Carbon Sequestration »


increased plant performance

Increased Plant PerformanceThe real beauty of this process is that biochar produced through Biomass Pyrolysis can be modified to provide a complete set of beneficial microorganisms that rejuvenate soil and increase nutrient cycling. When used correctly, the resulting product called CHARGROW has the ability to change soil structure, improve retention of water, and increase nutrient cycling. This in turn improves plant productivity and in many cases can allow growers to reduce their input costs. More about CHARGROW increased plant performance »


When we put these 3 tools together we have a complete solution for:

  • Green Energy
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Increased Plant Performance